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Be Found - get discovered through extensive product attribute filtering for every product on our platform.

Powering intelligence for:

Technology that Powers Product Intelligence

SPINS is a leading wellness-focused data company and passionate advocate for natural and organic retailers and brands. Their technology powers product intelligence in Beacon Discovery and allows filtering of ingredients and other attributes based on product label data.

Retailers can:

  1. Find their perfect product.
  2. Stay ahead of trends.
  3. Optimize assortments of products, filling in gaps on shelves.
  4. Deliver on shopper preferences.

Brands can:

  1. Be discovered by product and ingredient attributes.
  2. Attract, engage, and retain retailer relationships based on hard data.
  3. Share full product information, accurately.
  4. Be found based on brand investments in value-driven claims and product certifications.

Matching Brands with Retailer Criteria

Retailers select ingredient templates, more than 100 filters, label validation, and even sales metrics, then are matched with the right brands, right now.

Product Discovery using SPINS’ product attribute engine

Robust filtering based on product label data

Standardized shelf categorization using industry best practices

Up to date sales metrics improve speed to shelf

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