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Finding the right brands just got even easier.

Connecting with Brands at Expo and Beyond

New Hope Network is known across the industry for Natural Products Expo, the world’s leading trade shows where retailers, buyers, and investors connect with natural and organic brands.

Natural Products Expo is a selective show, where you can trust that products being showcased meet high standards. The same is true of Beacon Discovery, where you can act on your values and commitments to match with brands.

Less Searching, More Finding

Beacon Discovery drives more revenue for everyone, by making product discovery simpler and more efficient.

Integrity and Transparency

As consumer demand for natural products continues to grow and new product innovations hit the market, transparency is more important than ever. Every product on Beacon Discovery is reviewed by New Hope Network’s standards team, so you know that they meet the same high standards as the show floor. 

Discover More than a Directory

Beacon Discovery identifies connections based on your values, store ingredient standards, and more. It protects you from unwanted messages from brands, by letting you start the conversation. Find food, beverage, and supplements on Beacon Discovery, with more product categories to come.

Integrated Show Navigation

For Natural Products Expo attendees, Beacon Discovery will map your “favorited” products on the show floor, saving you time when finding the right products. You can even connect with matching brands before Expo to ask questions and request product samples, to make the most of your experience at the show.

Beacon Discovery is New Hope Network’s new platform for online natural product discovery. Starting with same qualifying standards as for Natural Products Expos, Beacon Discovery brings robust filtering, powered by SPINS, so you can search by ingredient preferences, values, mission and more than 100 other filters, making it easier for you to find the brands you want to carry, and get them on the shelves faster.

And it’s available for you to find brands anytime, anywhere, whether or not they exhibit at Expo.

Featuring top Brands Like:

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Less Searching, More Finding

Beacon Discovery is open to retail buyers, as well as brokers, investors, marketing agencies, service providers, and more. Stay informed with the latest Beacon Discovery news, releases, and updates.

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