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Sustainability Intelligence Platform

HowGood is a SaaS sustainability intelligence platform and independent research company with the world’s largest database on food product sustainability. Drawing from more than 600 vetted data sources, HowGood helps leading brands, suppliers, retailers and restaurants improve their environmental and social impact.

Sustainability Metrics

What is an impact estimate? Every product is assessed in 8 categories:

Greenhouse Emissions

What is the carbon footprint of growing this ingredient?


How does the growing of this ingredient help or hurt global biodiversity?


How much energy is used in the factory processing of this ingredient?

Blue Water Usage

How much blue water does it take to grow or raise this ingredient?

Labor Risk

What is the overall labor risk involved in growing or raising this ingredient?

Land Use

How much land does it take to grow or raise this ingredient?

Soil Health

How does the growing of this ingredient impact the soil where it’s grown?

Animal Welfare

How do the ingredients in this product impact the welfare of animals?

The Result

a snapshot of the environmental and social impact of a product, that is viewable in Beacon Discovery (optional).

Why is this important to brands?

  1. Brands can know and highlight the impact their product has, supported by hard data.
  2. Brands can communicate their score to potential buyers on Beacon Discovery.
  3. Brands can see areas of improvement, and have the opportunity to work with HowGood to improve their score.

Why is this important to retailers?

  1. Retailers can discover brands who prioritize full transparency and are taking efforts to improve their emissions.
  2. Retailers can filter and find brands who are aligned in their focus on ESG to have a positive impact.
  3. Retailers can respond to regulatory requirements for increased reporting on Scope-3 emissions and back brand claims with in-depth reporting from HowGood.
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