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Be Heard - ensuring that marketing and labels are in full compliance, so products get on the shelf faster.

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Why does compliance matter?

MarketReady Insights offers expert regulatory guidance for CPG brands – making compliance simpler and more accessible. MarketReady Verified is a new distinction that elevates the integrity of the products and businesses within the natural product market.

Retail Placement

Products that don’t comply with the law expose retailers to regulatory risk, compromise their image and reputation, and create time-consuming hassles for buyers. No matter where they’re selling, retailers will prioritize brands with the seal, ensuring products are “market ready”.

Consumer Loyalty

Brands must respond to the increasing demands for transparency from their consumers. They value knowing what’s in their products — and are willing to pay to ensure marketing claims are truthful and not misleading.

Capital Investment

Investors back companies that create momentum and execute well. Compliance failures increase both regulatory and legal risks, and compromise brand integrity with retailers and the consumers they serve. These make a company a less attractive investment.

Risk Management

Businesses manage risk to protect their financial viability and the reputation of their brands. Label violations, unidentified supply chain allergens, failed FDA inspections, detained imports, and product recalls jeopardize revenue and undermine customer confidence.
The MarketReady Verified seal indicates that the product has been reviewed for FDA labeling compliance, as well as New Hope’s ingredient standards. This differentiates products that make efforts toward transparency and compliance. MarketReady Verified can also accelerate in-house product verification so that new and unique products can be on store shelves even faster.
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