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With more natural products on the shelves than ever before, and some new product innovation fueled by disruption and reinvention, the conversation around transparency is more important than ever. Beginning in 2023, every brand will be reviewed by New Hope’s Standards team before the show. In the past, standards reviews have been required for new exhibitor applications and for returning brands on-floor at Expo, but as transparency has become more important to our industry (and to buyers), we know that reviewing brands in advance will help every product shine in its best light.

We created Beacon Discovery as a way to help buyers navigate the many booths at Expo. Before the show, buyers can identify which products they want to see on the show floor and navigate quickly and easily to find brands. Beacon lets brands upload ingredients, values, mission and more, and then it matches them with retailer searches using SPINS categories and data analytics. And it’s now available for retailers to search for products 365 days a year – even for brands not exhibiting at Expo.

In the past, brands may not have had access to an affordable impact estimate that demonstrates transparency when it comes to sustainability. In Beacon, brands receive a sustainability impact estimate from HowGood, the world’s largest sustainable ingredient database. Retailers tell us they are looking for this kind of transparency, and it can be a major differentiator for products when they’re choosing which ones to buy. Beacon Discovery gives smaller brands insight and access to the information retailers and customers want to know. Once brands receive their estimate, they have the option to promote it on Beacon. For more information visit

By uploading your products into the New Hope Product Portal powered by SPINS/Pinto, we will be able to review them and showcase them on Beacon Discovery.

A leading wellness-focus data company and passionate advocate for natural and organic retailers and brands. Their technology powers product intelligence in Beacon Discovery. Their portal, Pinto, is used to power the New Hope Product Portal for use at events and on Beacon Discovery.

Beacon is much more than a directory because it provides, in one place, many new and different metrics and tools to find products that meet practical, value-driven, and mission oriented objectives. These include criteria like avoiding prohibited ingredients, sustainability and sustainability impact assessments, processing transparency, regulatory compliance, distributer and broker detail, high-level velocity and sales metrics, and robust filtering with over 100 categories aligned with SPINS’ shelf category architecture.

Beacon is the brand-retailer discovery platform that matches brands with buyers based on New Hope Network’s standards and the transparency and priorities that retailers say they want. Beacon identifies connections based on ingredient preferences, values, mission, and more than 100 other filters, including a discounted sustainability impact estimate from HowGood, then lets buyers reach out to brands. Beacon also integrates with the show experience at Natural Products Expos East and West, making it easier for buyers to find the brands on the show floor.

Our beta launch features food and dietary supplement CPG brands that conform to Natural Products Expo standards (whether or not they are exhibiting at a show). On the discovery side, retailers, exhibiting ingredient suppliers, investors, and service providers can search for brands.

Beacon is an inclusion in all booth contracts for Expo East 2023 and Expo West 2024 so there is no additional cost to exhibiting brands – and brands onboarding in 2023 can upload unlimited products, at no additional cost! For non-exhibiting brands, the cost is $2,000 for one year.

There are two ways to use Beacon – exhibition inclusions (included with Expo booth price) and non-exhibitor subscriptions. Exhibitor inclusions will run January through December and nonexhibitor subscriptions will be annual, beginning on the subscription date and ending a year later.

When natural products businesses enter our New Hope ecosystem, we perform a labeling review to identify that materials meet our standards. Some brands make corrections themselves. Others want affordable, accessible regulatory assistance to help bring labeling into both event and federal labeling compliance. MarketReady helps exhibitors and nonexhibitors do both easily and efficiently. MarketReady Verification costs $750 per label.

We hope to make an industry-wide impact on climate change while giving brands the knowledge and actual tools to make affordable improvements in sustainability and transparency, so they can stand out in the industry for doing the right thing. Beacon was built to make discovery faster, more reliable and more transparent using metrics that matter. Learn more about New Hope’s other transparency initiatives in Navigating Integrity. Learn more in our article, Navigating Integrity in the Natural Products CPG Industry.

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